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Kings Gameday: Pete Carroll is a Dick

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Next Game

St. Louis Blues
@ Los Angeles Kings

Saturday, Jan 9, 2010, 7:30 PM PST
Staples Center

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And no the Kings move on from their backbreaking loss to the Detroit Red Wings and look to get revenge against the St. Louis Blues.  The Kings made a change to their line-up tonight, removing Brandon Segal from the Frolov-Handzus line and putting Oscar Moller in his stead.  Makes sense, considering Brandon Segal played like balls last game.  It also makes sense because Frolov and Handzus are both players that play the 6 feet around the net, so a guy like Oscar Moller should be able to find some space for a shot. 

Randy Jones might be back tonight, meaning Alec Martinez is probably out.  The Kings will likely go back to their Johnson-Jones, Greene-O'Donnell pairings. 

I'm depressed.  If Carson Palmer loses today I might cry.

Prediction: Bengals win, 20-13.  Old Old Trojan Palmer wins thanks to the ineptitude of New Old Trojan Sanchez.