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Ducks Gamedays -- Let's try this again, shall we?

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Today: Vancouver Canucks (preseason!) at Anaheim Ducks (preseason!), 7 pm
Sunday: Los Angeles Kings (preseason!) at Anaheim Ducks (preseason!), 5 pm
Anaheim Calling, Nucks Misconduct, Jewels From The Crown -- man, you have options!

So Rudy has offered his take on Tuesday night's debacle, but I guess I'll have to settle for the Positivity! spin -- at least it was an ass-kicking that didn't cost the Ducks any standings points.  It could be the kind of harsh lesson that turns this team around, but I don't say that with a lot of confidence -- seems they could have learned these lessons a year ago, and so far it doesn't appear to have happened.

Last year, through five preseason games, the Ducks were cumulatively outshot 180-122 and outscored 14-10.  This year through five games the Ducks have been outshot 191-117 and outscored 22-15.  Outshot worse than last year, outscored worse than last year -- if it weren't for shitty Finnish goaltending, the Ducks might have no preseason wins at all.

But I'm sure that they're ready to turn that corner, right?  I mean, they've got potential new ticketholders in the house and wouldn't want to scare them away.  And also, I have this inspiring cartoon!

Fuck off, prequels.

As Rudy noted, I'm going to both of Anaheim's remaining preseason games -- tonight with a Canucks buddy of mine somewhere in the lower bowl, and on Sunday I'll be down in Row B with Arthur and Jen from Anaheim Calling.  If you see a tall dude in a green shirt, feel free to say hi.

Predictions: Ducks 4, Opponents 2 each game.  Goals by Perry, Getzlaf, The Rat (x2), Chipchura, Teemu, Sutton, and a masked dude who might be Vayoo.

Go Ducks.