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Kings Gameday: The Best Season Ever

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-Kopitar went down on a 1-on-1 and I knew exactly what he was going to do. He went wide then cut across the net and almost scored.

-Kopitar went down on a high stick and I didn't know what he was going to do. He came back with the stain of blood on his face, then joked about how it was OK that he lost a tooth because it was fake.

-After all this time, hockey still amazes me nightly.

-Brayden Schenn? Awesome.

-So the Kings are using Jake Muzzin and Jarret Stoll as a power play pairing, but they're making Stoll handle the puck when literally the only thing he's good at (besides face-offs) are one-timers on his off-wing. Alright then.

-Wayne Simmonds? Cool as fuck in a purple jersey.

-Kyle Clifford is a pretty damn good defensive player. I thought he was just a moron.

-Jonathan Quick was awesome.

-I came home after work to watch the game and there were my roommates and a punch of assholes over drinking. They spoiled the game for me and then my DVR stopped recording right after Williams' goal. Fuck!

-Speaking of Williams, it was cool that he scored but it was cooler when Kevin Bieksa elbowed him and then Williams called Bieksa a pussy when Bieksa was headed to the box. It's true, he is a pussy.

-The Ducks suck.

-Go Kings!