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Ducks Gameday -- Lessons in Perserverence

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Phoenix Coyotes (1-1-1) at Anaheim Ducks (1-3-1), 5 pm
Five For Howling and Anaheim Calling -- somebody must have time to blog today.

It's been a busy weekend -- I have one brother in from New York and another one in from Chicago -- so today's post will be short and relatively pointless.  Recently my mom has been telling me (or rather, I've been bugging her) about a feel-good story coming out of South Korea.  Apparently an older woman, presumably illiterate, had been trying for years to get her drivers license, but could not pass the written portion of the exam.  But she persisted!

A Korean woman, Cha Sa-soon, finally passed her driving test after the 960th try.  The 69-year-old had to go through a 50-minute, 40-question test in order to pass.  She had taken this test once a day since April 2005, but failed every time, until now.

When local news outlets got the story, it grabbed the attention of Hyundai-Kia.  As a sort of graduation present, Kia gave the woman a brand-new Kia Soul.  Persistence does pay off in the end.

According to my mom's version, it took her 5 years to pass the written test, then 3 extra tries to pass the actual behind-the-wheel test.  But in finally succeeding, the woman has become somewhat of a national icon -- free car, multiple TV appearances -- that's the sort of can-do, never-quit, fuck-my-illiteracy attitude that Koreans can rally behind!

Prediction:  Despite suffering from the on-ice version of illiteracy, Ducks persist and succeed Korean-style!  Goals by Teemu, San Andreas, and Cha Sa-soon.  I should be around for most of today's game comments, though I do have to make an airport run sometime late in the 2nd period.

Go Ducks.