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Ducks Gameday -- MiracElhinney earns another start

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Anaheim Ducks (3-4-1) at Detroit Red Wings (4-1-1), 4 pm
Anaheim Calling and Winging It In Motown , A2Y, The Triple Deke -- click with your mouse, forecheck with your rat.

Can MiracElhinney do it again?

It appears that Curtis McElhinney will made his second consecutive start in goal as a reward for his 40-save performance that was the major factor in Thursday night’s win over Philadelphia.

In 12 regular-season appearances with the Ducks, MiracElhinney is 6-1-2 with a 2.68 GAA and a .923 sv% -- impressive numbers for a guy I feel constantly nervous for.  Does it seem to anybody else that Curtis fails to be square to shots quite a bit?  But positivity!  Things can't go worse than the season opener, right?

Prediction:  See below -- webbed foot by Lilja.

Yay for classics!

I should be around for most of the game today, though I may have to disappear for like a period (just like the Ducks!).  Feel free to stop on by.

Go Ducks.