Chens The five annoying fans Rick Rypien SHOULD have attacked


a great article chen wrote he picked 5 annoying fans..although im sure theres more not listed... here is one of the fans (read the rest of the article for the others) 2) Drunken homer: This is probably the most common of annoying hockey fans. It's the guy or gal that knows enough about hockey and the team to understand the basics -- who the star players are, how power plays work, what offsides is (ok, maybe not that last one). However, these folks are so enthusiastic and/or alcohol-boosted that they feel the need to scream their opinion on every play, and it's never the home team's fault. Goalie lets up a soft goal? Obviously, the other team's shooter must have cheated somehow. The home team takes an obvious tripping penalty? One word will be yelled over and over, and it's not because the person's a fan of the Penn & Teller show of the same name. And after all of that, beware of the giant drunken rant about how the refs and/or the league are so obviously biased against the home team. here what i said about me and sleek me and sleek are negative fan…we lambast our own teams numerous mistakes..but then cheer when we score a goal…were such hypocritcal assholes we do make positive statements….when our D makes a good outlet pass (which is rare maybe thats why we get excited)…or a great hiller save…but 90% of the time…getzlaf you dipshit…or sleeks way to be tough when the game is out of reach (im paraphrasing) we say it pretty queit though but if we sit near any drunk sure they’d hate us chen mentioned it..i hate screaming banshee 7-14 old girl fan...screaming in your fuckin ear about brendan shanahan.....that bitch could break wine glasses...i wanted to strangle was one of the playoff years we got swept by still haunts me to this day...still u get some of these and feel awkward telling her moterh/father..."hey shut your fuckin kid up"..i got a six year old..and i never let him get out of hand...check him if I think he ruining the experience of others

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