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BoC Annual Bet: I've Made a Big Mistake

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I had promised myself I wouldn't let myself do it. I wouldn't talk myself into it. Meg approached me with the idea of a friendly wager over who would finish higher this season, the Kings or the Sharks. I wouldn't think about the Sharks' lack of depth on defense, or their uncertainty in goal, or their top heavy forward core. I would just focus on the Kings and their chances at making the playoffs.

But, as the weeks went on, I could hear a little voice in the back of my head. "Hey, not only is their defense shallow but Doug Murray isn't even that good! And Niemi sucks! And Patrick Marleau will regress, and Joe Pavelski is a douche bag, and if the Sharks lose Joe Thornton they're screwed!" "Yeah, but if we lost Anze Kopitar we'd be scre-" "YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! DON'T EVEN MENTION THAT!!!"

So anyway, I eventually talked myself into betting with Meg and I'm almost definitely going to lose. Fuck.

The Bet:

Meg bets the Sharks will finish higher than the Kings; Rudy bets that the Kings will finish higher than the Sharks.

The Wager:

The winner of the bet will be showered in praise and glory; the loser will have to write a non-ironic post advocating the Hall of Fame case for the winner's favorite childhood player.