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Ducks Gameday -- BoC's Coon & Friends

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New York Islanders (4-8-2) at Anaheim Ducks (8-7-1), 7 pm
Lighthouse Hockey and Anaheim Calling -- Wisniewski vs. Wisoldski

Well, originally, with back-to-back games, I was going to take the lazy blogger path and just repost an old cartoon from the summer:

I think this started a stretch where I got more comfortable trying to draw actual players.

But then today I got some glowing praise from Dominik at Lighthouse Hockey:

I can't draw cartoons, but Earl Sleek's work makes a blogger want to -- or at least show appreciation by failing paling in comparison.

So I decided I had time for a quick new cartoon today -- there's been one idea that's been kicking around my brain the last week or so (blame South Park), and here's a taste.  BoC's Coon & Friends -- the best zoological-based crime-fighting team I know of:

Can these critters save the day?

I'm sure there's more characters I should be adding -- the Hound of Beleskeyville, the Jumbo Joe Woolly Mammoth, the Getzlaf Bald Eagle -- feel free to throw your suggestions into the comments, and maybe later this becomes a more effort-intensive post.

Prediction: Ducks attempt to keep their lucky win streak alive, but instead learn a valuable lesson about penmanship.  Goals by Teemu x2 and Josh Green.

Go Ducks.