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Ducks Gameday -- Nobody made me do it.

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Dallas Stars (8-6-0) at Anaheim Ducks (9-7-1), 7 pm
Defending Big D and Anaheim Calling -- enhance your blogging experience!

Oops -- overstepped my bounds, and the original content has been pulled.

Haha, relax -- that's just a joke way of saying "I'm too lazy to write much today".

In case you missed it last week, I had a bit of a falling out with our sponsor.

If you're interested, though, here was going to be the topic du jour: Sleek's suggestion #3: Re-release NHL 94 (with updated rosters, of course).  It was a much simpler video game that turned me into a hockey fan back in the day -- less complications in gameplay will attract more potential gamers-turned-fans and make for a more rewarding trashtalk experience, I'd think.

Feel free to discuss this idea or add your own unpaid suggestion in the comments.

* * *

Instead, I'm just going to highlight IAmJoe's noble fanpost from yesterday -- a rather costless way to help support sled hockey in SoCal.

To help them get this grant, all you have to do is visit this link  to go to their page on the Refresh Everything project.   On the right side, click "Vote For This Idea", and sign in automatically using your Facebook account.  The top 10 ideas get their funding, and this is currently sitting at #20.   You can vote once per day, every day, until Nov 30.

Read the whole post here.  Good work, IAmJoe.

* * *

Prediction: I won't be around for game comments tonight; once again real life is forcing me to watch on DVR delay.  The Ducks attempt to take advantage of a fatigued opponent, but instead learn a valuable lesson about corporate hypersensitivity.  :)  Goals by B-Ry, Four Eyes, Stone Hands, and the Leaning Tower of Sbisa.

Go Ducks.