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A message from BoC Legal

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Per the e-mail requests of the real Judson Couture and Chet Couture, Logan and Judson Couture's father, and the advice of the Battle of California legal department, certain sections of the post entitled "Wiki-Sharks vol. 2: Young Guns" have been altered. We have been informed by Chet that it was not Judson who made the Wikipedia changes to his brother's article, it was "one of his high school phys-ed teachers who was also responsible for honoring Logan by having him enshrined into his high school hall of fame. The information was provided to him by me (Logan's father)." We at Battle of California thank Judson and Chet for their assistance. This article was only intended as satire, and none of what was written in any of the Wiki-Sharks series (or pretty much anything else we write) should be taken as presentations of facts.

Thank you.