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Ducks Gameday -- Blackhawk Friday

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Chicago Blackhawks (11-11-2) at Anaheim Ducks (10-10-3), 1 pm
Second City Hockey and Anaheim Calling -- plus my pals over at HOCKEE NIGHT.

Spade_face_medium Rowb_medium

When: Today, 11:30 am.

Where: Danny K's Pool Bar, map (21+ to get in).

Who: Among others, Earl Sleek in a lucky green t-shirt and Spade-in-Victorhell in a facial getup as shown above.

What: Pre-game drinking and pool-shooting.

Why: To celebrate Spade's upcoming birthday and the Ducks' upcoming third-jersey effort.

How: An overly stereotypical Blackhawk greeting.

Feel free to stop by and say "how!", or watch for us on TV -- we'll be the idiots in Row B today.  Woo!

Prediction: Lots of shenanigans.  Goals by Sleek and Hell.

Go Ducks.