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Ducks Gameday -- Adventures in Futility!

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Anaheim Ducks (incompetent) at Phoenix Coyotes (competent), 5 pm
Anaheim Calling and Five For Howling -- two blogs that technically cover NHL teams.

Is Randy Carlyle still the head coach of the Anaheim Ducks?  That's a shame -- he's had 11 defensemen come try to play his system this regular season and pretty soon Joffrey Lupul will be the 19th forward to give it a try .  I've watched this team a bunch, and I can't tell you one of those skaters who has excelled under Carlyle's system of puck-dumping and scoreboard-chasing.

Is Ryan Getzlaf still the captain of the Anaheim Ducks?  That's a shame, too -- I also can't name a player who seems to be inspired his lazy arsenal of no-look intercepted passes, plus his top line's inability to produce or even break even against less expensive opposition lines.  In my eyes, he's already become the worst captain in team history, and Carlyle doesn't appear interested in correcting that choice.

Obviously I'm still way too pissed off about yesterday -- nobody should be allowed to unveil a third jersey before proving that they can play a three-period game at least once. 

Instead, with Carlyle regrettably still acting as head coach and with Getzlaf regrettably still acting as captain, predicting tonight's result becomes entirely too easy.  (Feel free to defend either guy in the comments if you think it's warranted).

Prediction: Embarrassment -- Coyotes show up to play three periods of hockey; the Ducks show up to play maybe one.

Go Ducks.  Fire Carlyle.