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Ducks Gameday -- Sorry, Tampa

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Nashville Predators (5-4-3) at Anaheim Ducks (6-7-1), 5 pm
On The Forecheck and Anaheim Calling -- two blogs to "fall back" on for this Daylight Savings day.

Watch out, potential sponsors, the BoC's bad boy of blogging is back!

Normally I'd write something about tonight's game, but BoC tradition dictates that I instead focus my lazy weekend efforts on the poor, poor Tampa Bay Lightning.  Through the month of October, the Lightning were an eastern-conference-leading 7-2-1, including an impressive 4-1-0 on the road.  They had scored 3+ goals in 8 of their 10 games and hadn't lost consecutive games once. 

Then, however, came that old California road swing.

November 3: Anaheim Ducks 3, Tampa Bay Lightning 2 (OT)
November 4: Los Angeles Kings 1, Tampa Bay Lightning 0
November 6: San Jose Sharks 5, Tampa Bay Lightning 2

Total: Battle of California 9, Tampa Bay Lightning 4

Warning: not safe for church.

Back by popular demand...  welcome to the club, Florida!

Note to Samsung: this is what we call an exaggerated sight gag.  No actual seismic shift occurred.

Thanks for the standings points, Bolts.  Feel free to stop by any time.

Prediction: I'll be away from game comments tonight -- once again I'll be watching this one on DVR delay.  Ducks attempt to take their first standing points of the season from a Central Division opponent, but instead learn a valuable lesson about molecular gastronomy.  Goals by El Niño, B-Ry, Fowler, and the Rat.

Go Ducks.