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Battle of California Fantasy Report: Week 4

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Premier Match-up

Anzheholics Anonymous vs. Slappyville Freezers

Slappyville wins 11-2!

MVP: The dynamic duo of Backstrom and Backstrom keeps rolling.

LVP: Brian Campbell had a knee injury and a bunch of zeroes this week.

This was a match-up between the leading teams in each division, and the Freezers slapped the hell out of the Anzeholics.


Wiki-Sharks vs. spades lil bandito's

spade wins 8-6!

MVP: Ty Conklin? TY CONKLIN?

LVP: Tomas Kopecky had one goal and was a minus seven, which doesn't make for a very strong good-vs.-suck ratio. 

Ty Conklin is a greater threat to humanity than drug-resistant tuberculosis.

Sleek and Destroy vs. Fournick Gators

Gators win 7-6!

MVP: Brandon Dubinsky had FIVE GOALS this week.

LVP: James van Riemsdyk? More like James van Crappy!

Earl couldn't get the win even with a great week from Loui Eriksson, who put up four goals and three assists.


Teal Blades vs. BROWS

Teal Blades wins 11-3!

MVP: Niittymaki is a kick-ass goalie.

LVP: Oh god, that's ugly. The goalies on BROWS are Ryan Miller (IR), Craig Anderson (IR), and Rick DiPietro (Not IR, but awful).

Shark fans shouldn't fight each other. The enemies are out there!


Kitten Mittens vs. Quid Pro Clowe

Kitten Mittens wins 8-5!

MVP: This was a really close match-up, but the Mittens won the week on the strength of strong goaltending from Cory Schneider and Nikolai Khabibulin.

LVP: It would have been better to just leave Jonas Gustavsson on the bench this week, in retrospect.

Quid Pro Clowe has Alex Tanguay and Jarome Iginla from Calgary. Good luck!


IAmJoe(Pavelski) vs. 2 Live Drew

2 Live Drew wins 7-6!

MVP: 2 Live Drew has Jonas Hiller, Miikka Kiprusoff, and Sergei Bobrovsky. Only the third one matters.

LVP: Shea Webber contributed zero points and a minus three this week.

IAmJoe STILL has Vlasic, who is STILL the only Sharks regular without a point this season. Come on, Pickles!


MEEEEEEAAAAAT vs. Setoguchi's revenge


MVP: Roberto Luongo and Henrik Lundqvist both had strong weeks. 

LVP: I don't know if there is a player worth having on the entire Florida Panthers roster, but Tomas Vokoun certainly doesn't seem to be one.

This is an embarrassing loss for Setoguchi's revenge, because Rudy didn't set up his team this week and he still managed to win. 


McSorley's Stick vs. Intaglio

Intaglio wins 8-3!

MVP: Alex Ovechkin is the man. 

LVP: Blake Comeau, you aren't helping your team. 

Intaglio's got some injury problems, with both Dion Phaneuf and Marian Gaborik on the IR.