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Ducks Gameday -- A cartoon that keeps on giving.

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Minnesota Wild (13-11-4) at Anaheim Ducks (15-13-4), 5 pm
Hockey Wilderness and Anaheim Calling -- Where the Wild Wings are.

You might not be terribly excited for this afternoon's Ducks-Wild matchup, and that's understandable at this point of the season -- in terms of "games above .500", these two teams are stuck in the bottom third of the west:

Team Games Played Games Above .500
Detroit 28 +13
Vancouver 27 +7
Dallas 29 +7
Los Angeles 27 +6
Nashville 28 +6
Phoenix 28 +6
Columbus 28 +5
St. Louis 28 +5
Colorado 29 +5
San Jose 29 +5
Chicago 31 +4
Minnesota 28 +2
Anaheim 32 +2
Edmonton 28 -1
Calgary 30 -3

And while the bulk of the western conference is still in sight and while this game probably seems winnable for either side, it's also an opportunity to unnecessarily give points to an opponent right next to us in the "games above .500" standings.  In a sense, this game is more terrifying than potentially rewarding.  What sort of lead will be blown tonight?

Cartoon Recycling: It's good for the cartoonist and good for the trees.

Prediction: I'll be late to the comments for tonight's game -- have a family dinner to attend, but I'll catch up eventually.  El Niño and the Leaning Tower of Sbisa both end their Vlasic streaks and pick up their first points of the season.

Go Ducks.