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Who Has Two Thumbs And Owns?

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-Jonathan Quick: owns. Seriously, that was the most amazing goaltending performance I've seen in a very long time. 51 shots, are you shitting me??? And he turned them all away, no sweat. What a guy.

-Drew Doughty was also awesome. So was Kopitar, crashing the net for his 2nd goal. (If you're keeping track, Kopitar has outscored Datsyuk's line 4-1 so far this season.)

-Jack Johnson made a great open ice hit on Darren Helm in the 2nd period. Then he stood there admiring his hit while Helm got up, drove the net, and had a great scoring chance that had to be saved by Quick. Then he buried a slap shot into the net for the Kings' 5th goal. And therein lies the essence of Jack Johnson.

-Matt Greene's out a week with a concussion. He had wobbly legs, he's done for a while. The Kings haven't been fucking around with concussions this season, there's no way he's playing. Fuck, we just had our defensive core set too.

-Good win. Hopefully the Kings can duplicate that against an actual good team like St. Louis on Thursday.