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Ducks Gameday -- Comic Book Saturday

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Anaheim Ducks (17-14-4) at Carolina Hurricanes (14-12-4), 4 pm
Anaheim Calling and Canes Country -- representing the first two post-lockout cup winners!

Sorry so late with this post today, but I spent all morning rehearsing for this weekend's Christmas concert (feel free to go if you want -- I'm in the back row), and I'll be prevented from commenting very long in today's game, too.  But no matter -- I can't really focus on hockey today anyways, as I'm probably obligated to share this:

Hi Earl,

I wanted to let you know about a big announcement which is set to rock the professional hockey world next week.   I’m working alongside Guardian Media Entertainment, who in partnership with the NHL & Stan Lee (co-creations include Spider-Man & X-Men) is set to launch an unprecedented NHL-themed superhero franchise.  The Guardians are a new collection of 30 superheroes with a creative concept that organically and authentically incorporates each NHL team into a unique comic book world.

I’ll be sure to send you more info as it breaks.  To kick things off ahead of next week’s launch, I’d like to mail you a Limited Edition silhouetted Guardians preview poster drawn and individually numbered.  Also, it would be great if you could share the Guardians Project launch release with your readers, if you haven’t already done so.  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions and definitely pass me your shipping address if you’d like to receive a poster.   Looking forward to working with you and very excited to see what your readers think!

Launch Release –

Official Site –



Hockey and comic books?  Hey, that's right up my alley!  Instead of 30 superheroes each representing a team, though, I thought I'd just mess around with some Ducks players.  (Warning: I ran out of time in typing all the profiles -- feel free to make up your own backstories for each character.)

Up, up, and away!


The MiracElhinney Man

First appearance: Dux Factor #28: The Toskala Double-Transfer, March 2010

Special powers: Flight, and the ability to fight crime using very unorthodox poses. 

Weaknesses: His teammates always abandon him.

How he acquired his powers: He drank too much tabasco sauce one night.

Profile: Not much is known about the mysterious MiracElhinney Man's origins -- he was found wandering around in the wastelands of Calgary, and didn't cost much to enlist.

The MiracElhinney Man is a bit of a lone wolf these days -- he only makes occasional appearances for Team Anaheim, probably because they don't make him feel very welcome whenever he shows up (shooting results are consistently awful when McElhinney plays).  Underneath his mask, he wears a scar he picked up in an epic battle against the evil supervillain Slapshot. 

* * *


The Incredible Rat

First Appearance: Duck Saga #47: Jiggy's Exodus,  January 2010

Special powers: When fully transformed into rat form, an excellent ability to hustle and an uncanny ability with mazes.

Weaknesses: His transformations tear through his clothes, meaning he is very expensive to maintain.

How he acquired his powers: Science experiment gone awry -- he still searches for the cure.

Profile: Dr. Jason Blake is a mild-mannered and timid person for the most part, but once he gets a whiff of cheese, watch out!  His body transforms into a hideous rat.  He can't fully control himself when in rat status; his instincts take over and he becomes a speedy scavenger.

As a rat, he sometimes carries a specially-designed laser rifle, but his eyesight is pretty poor.  It takes him many, many shots to actually hit something.

* * *


The Finnish Flash

First Appearance: Amazing Ducks Comics #10: Enter the Flash, February 1996

Special powers: The speed of a thousand horses and the charm of a thousand men.

Weaknesses: He also gets injured with superhuman frequency.

How he acquired his powers: The King of Finland made a bet with the Prince of Persia.

Profile: The Finnish Flash has been a Duck member since the old days.  Back then, he was a legend -- speeding past supervillains with ease, until his eventual demise at the hands of Dr. Tradeaway.  For years, his death haunted the team, but Professor Burke was able to resurrect him eventually and his return was an immensely popular move.

Rumors constantly abound about what may be his final appearance, but he's still incredibly useful for the team.  Suomi!

* * *


The Amazing Lyderman

First appearance: Duxcaliber #121: Compidence!, October 2010

Special powers: Agility and a "Lydie Sense" in the defensive zone that warns of any upcoming goals-against.

Weaknesses: Sometimes the Lydie Sense goes into overdrive and causes double vision.

How he acquired his powers: He was bitten into by a radioactive turtle, one of nature's best defenders.

Profile: Lyderman's debut in the comic book series was delayed a few issues, as writers struggled to figure out how best to work him into the superhero lineup.  But as sales declined, he was green-lighted to go, and suddenly he became a very important character in the story.

Lyderman is the MVP of this comic season.

* * *


Fowler Boy

First Appearance: Duxcaliber #118: A New Season Dawns, October 2010

Special powers: Boy genius, winning smile.

Weaknesses: Bars that check ID.

How he acquired his powers: Trained by his inspiration, Nieder Man.

Profile: The Ducks were broken up by the departure of Nieder Man, the billionaire-by-day, masked-crusader-by-night leader of the team, but in his wake came Fowler Boy, who still operates out of the Nieder Cave and has access to many of Nieder Man's weapons.  Fowler Boy is the youngest member of the team, but it's a regular comic book gag to have him outsmart his elders.

Fowler Boy is pretty awesome -- can't believe eleven other comic books passed on the character.

* * *


The Stache

First appearance: Duck Force #112: Project Truculence, November 2006

Special powers: Has incredible control over his facial hair, and can use it to beat up and intimidate criminals.

Weaknesses: Low overhangs.

How he acquired his powers: Princeton University grant.

Profile: The Stache is the team's muscle, and has been serving the role for quite some time.  He isn't the best at identifying crime, but he'll gladly support the other superheroes on the team.

* * *

Okay, okay, crap -- I'm out of time.  Game starts in an hour, and this post isn't really done.  Enjoy the cartoons, and feel free to add on to the hasty profiles in the comments.  :)

Go Ducks.