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Sharks Gameday: Still Not Over It

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Next Game

San Jose Sharks
@ St. Louis Blues

Saturday, Dec 18, 2010, 5:00 PM PST
Scottrade Center

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God Mike Ribeiro is such a piece of shit. That high-stick at the end of the game was totally intentional and I don't feel like he was punished enough with just a four-minute penalty that led to the game-winning goal against his team. If I had my way he would be keel-hauled. That or abacinated*.

My dad is a very peaceful guy. He's into Buddhism and all that sort of stuff, and when we used to play roller hockey he was always the guy who would play his hardest but who would never be an ass about winning or losing.Whenever I talk shit about Chris Pronger or Corey Perry or someone like that, my dad will be the guy to point out what an asset that player would be if he were on the Sharks. The last thing he would do would be to wish harm on someone, is my point. But after the Sharks-Stars game on Thursday I spoke to my dad and he said:

Mike Ribeiro, man, I hate that guy. He's such a punk. He's the one guy in the league that I'd like to see get beaten up.

So there you have it. Conclusive evidence that Mike Ribeiro is the worst thing to happen to humanity since polio.

Tonight the Sharks play the Blues, a team that I hate much less than the Stars, in large part because they don't have Mike Ribeiro on their team. The Blues started the season strong but have slowed down a bit lately. They're currently a few spots behind the Sharks in the standings, but because of how crazy things are in the Western Conference almost anything could happen after the two points are given out tonight. The Sharks are in 7th but are only two points behind 3rd, and the Blues are in 11th but would tie the Sharks in points with a win tonight.

The Sharks looked resilient and hungry in their game against Dallas. Hopefully tonight they can get control of their tendency to forget to play hockey in the final minutes of each period and put together a solid win.

Prediction: Sharks win 2-1, with goals from Boyle and Vlasic.

* = abacinate: to blind by putting a red-hot copper basin near the eyes. I found an awesome website listing obscure vocabulary words, so you're all in trouble now.