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Ducks Gameday -- Animal Christmas

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Anaheim Ducks (17-15-4) at Boston Bruins (17-10-4), 4:30 pm
Anaheim Calling and Stanley Cup of Chowder -- everybody loves Slovakian defensemen.

Busy days, these ones -- I haven't watched either of the last two losses yet, other than the period or so I was home for each of them, so I'm deferring you to Spade's weekend journal instead.

Instead, I just thought I'd go with the holiday spirit and channel my inner Norman Rockwell -- maybe that will spark a victory:

I wish we played the Bruins more often.   I can draw bears all day.

For a change, I'll actually be at home in front of my television for proper game commenting today -- seems like it's been a while since that happened.  Stop on by and share in the fun!

Prediction: In the spirit of Christmas, the Ducks and Bruins share a 3-point game.  Ducks goals by Fowler, Selanne, and Perry.  Getzlaf has three assists, two of which come on Ducks goals.

Go Ducks.