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Ducks Gameday -- Sabre Metrics

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Anaheim Ducks (18-15-4) at Buffalo Sabres (13-16-4), 4 pm
Anaheim Calling and Die By The Blade -- the last of the Niedermayers.

As a cartoonist, sometimes I get struck by a concept that seems difficult to draw -- like a buffalo who is adept at using a sabre, for example:


Anyways, the Ducks do have a pretty respectable 7-3-1 record against the eastern conference this season, though that does include regulation losses to both the Devils and the Islanders -- seemingly Anaheim is more comfortable playing the better teams in the east than the lower-tier ones.  Buffalo currently sits in the bottom third of the east -- we should probably be worried.

But still -- take heart in the Pep Boys!  When Lydman, Fowler, and Lilja all play, the Ducks are 12-3-1, allowing 2.2 goals per game with a 85.2% penalty kill.  In the games where the trio does not play, the Ducks are 6-12-3, allowing 3.3 goals per game with a 76.7% penalty kill.

Today's game is Center-Ice-only, so suck it, non-subscribers I'll be here, at least.  :)  One extra note -- this will be my last gameday post for a little while, but I'll tell you more about that later.

Prediction: Bacon McMuffin continues his scoring streak.

Go Ducks.