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Kings Gameday: Home for the Holidays

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Los Angeles Kings
@ Colorado Avalanche

Tuesday, Dec 21, 2010, 6:30 PM PST
Pepsi Center

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Rudy is home for the holidays shopping or something, so he wanted me to put up a gameday post for him. At first I said "Screw you!" but then I thought about the spirit of the season and agreed to do it, as long as he buys me something. I love the holidays!

Marco "German Guy" Sturm plays tonight. According to my sources Sturm has been called "the fastest German on ice," but I assume that was before his leg injuries. Boy, the Kings just love picking up injury-prone players, don't they? 

Wikipedia also says that Sturm's "forays into the offensive zone are known as the blitzkrieg." This strikes me as wildly inappropriate and offensive, especially given the number of Czech and French players in the NHL. There is also no cited source for this information. This kind of sloppiness wouldn't happen if Sturm was still on the Sharks.

The Kings had a good game the other day, I think. Didn't they score six goals against somebody or something? But then maybe they lost to the Blackhawks? I'm not sure, and I'm rapidly losing interest in this post. The Kings have kind of sucked lately, but the Avalanche are worse.

Prediction: Kings win 3-2, with goals by Marco Sturm, Ryan Smyth, and the black guy.