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Wayne Simmonds finally gets a hold on Corey Perry and makes him look foolish. He even does the honorable thing and takes off his helmet! I kinda wish he had popped him while they were on the ice, but that's just me. That'll teach you to take runs at Michal Handzus, you bobbleheaded dork!

By the by, it's really funny to see the Ducks try to be physical now that they suck because they're really bad at it. They'll slash or board people and then stand helplessly while they get outmuscled for rebounds all game; then, when the game is out of reach and they're frustrated and embarrassed, they'll lash out and try to take a moral victory... only to get humiliated by an opponent that's just plain better than them. Then, and only then, do you see them for the scared, helpless children that they truly are. Hahaha, good times.