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Battle of California Fantasy Report: Week 11

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A New Jersey uniform = fantasy hockey poison.
A New Jersey uniform = fantasy hockey poison.

Premier Match-up

Anzeholics Anonymous vs. Fournick Gators

Tie 7-7.

MVPs: Very strong weeks for Steven Stamkos and Vincent Lecaviler. 

LVPs: The Anzeholics have two goalies on the IR and one of the Gators' goalies is Martin Brodeur, who suuuuuuuuucks this year. 

How did our premier match-up end in a tie? This will not stand, man. You're both in big trouble.


Wiki-Sharks vs. 2 Live Drew

2 Live Drew wins 8-6!

MVP: Sidney Crosby gets more points in one week than a lot of other players do in two or three. 

LVP: My team has more zeroes than Earl's choir. 

I lost despite benching all of my goalies for the last half of the week and sitting on a 0.50 GAA. Even when I cheat I'm doomed.

Sleek and Destroy vs. Kitten Mittens

Sleek and Destroy wins 7-2!

MVP: Evgeni Malkin had seven points this week, so apparently he's good again. 

LVP: Ilya Kovalchuk had no points and was a minus FIVE. I'll wait while everyone finishes laughing hysterically.

There are very few players on the Devils that are worth a damn in fantasy hockey. I am severely regretting my first round pick of Zach Parise.


Teal Blades vs. IAmJoe(Pavelski)

Teal Blades wins 7-5!

MVP: Antero Niittymaki only played one game for the Teal Blades, but it was good one. 

LVP: Brad Stuart and Shea Weber both were minus two and as pointless as life itself. 

Nitty! Woooooo!


BROWS vs. McSorley's Stick

BROWS wins 7-5!

MVP: Henrik Zetterberg put up seven points and 32 face-off wins. 

LVP: We will never know how many points McSorley's bench players could have gotten for him. The LVP goes to him for not setting up his team. 

Now that I look at it, BROWS didn't set up his team either. Come on, people! Xmas is no Xcuse!


MEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAT vs. spades lil bandito's

spade wins 11-3!

MVP: Solid performance by Teemu Selanne: four assists, two on the powerplay. 

LVP: Since he didn't set up his team Rudy only had seven skaters actually play, and none of them got more than two points. That's weak. 

Rudy's team is the New York Islanders of our fantasy league. 


Quid Pro Clowe vs. Slappyville Freezers

Freezers wins 7-5!

MVP: A really strong week for the Freezers goaltenders, led by Pekka Rinne's 1.52 GAA. 

LVP: Quid Pro Clowe's players did really well, with Martin St. Louis and Henrik Sedin both putting up seven points, but the team was hampered by the manager's failure to set up his team.

Get this: Rinne had a 1.52 GAA and a .945 SV% and yet he still got two losses and zero wins.


Setoguchi's Revenge vs. Intaglio

Setoguchi's Revenge 10-3!

MVP: Tim Thomas: totally tip-top!

LVP: Intaglio got two lousy games from Cam Ward and nothing else from goalies.

As I'm writing this the Kings just scored their third goal against the Sharks. Fuck everything.