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Ducks Gameday -- Sleek and Scanner reunited.

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Detroit Red Wings (16-4-2) at Anaheim Ducks (13-11-3), 7 pm
Winging It In Motown, A2Y, The Triple Deke, and Anaheim Calling -- I like to call these the "missing links".

True story: I was so excited to get home yesterday that last night at about 11 pm I thought, "Wow, tomorrow would be an excellent day for Episode VI: Return of the Puckmover!"  And it wasn't until about 12:30 am, before I had even finished one cartoon, that I realized that how foolish it was to attempt a feat that huge in one night, especially after a pretty heavy workweek in Vegas (I still haven't seen the win against Florida).

But at least the framework for the third rip-off episode has been set up -- thanks for inspiring me again, Ducks!  In the short term, though, we'll have to continue with half-ass effort; I'm on the clock today with a fair amount to accomplish.  Still, I'm not unhappy with this hasty cartoon:

Hurray for sight gags!

I should be around tonight -- feel free to help me pick on Baldy.

Prediction: Ducks power play operates with Red-Wing-like precision.  Andy Sutton barely avoids the temptation to punch Ruslan Salei with his thumb. 

Go Ducks.