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Ducks Gameday -- Post Haste.

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Phoenix Coyotes (12-7-6) at Anaheim Ducks (13-12-3), 5 pm
Five For Howling and Anaheim Calling -- Lupus vs. Lupul.

I fully knew there was a game this afternoon, and that I was going to be swamped most of today, and yet I did very little about that.  I guess I'll have to use this today:


Had I taken any time to properly blog, I would have talked about how different Anaheim's season-opening 4-0 loss to the Wings was than Friday night's same-score version -- frankly, I liked the way the Ducks played against the Wings Friday night, and wasn't nearly so depressed as I was that first game in October.  Keep up this level of play and results are sure to follow.

Anyways, apologies for the haste -- I'll be around for comments tonight.

Prediction: Lupul starts on a crazy pace in some random category.

Go Ducks.