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Sharks Gameday: Memories

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San Jose Sharks (39-12-9) at Detroit Red Wings (27-21-11), 4:30 PM PST

Sorry for the lack of Gamedays this week. If you've been keeping up on From The Rink, you can see that I've been busy. That, coupled with the whole "writing that pays the bills" thing going nuts, has sucked away my time for the good ol BoC. And tonight's Gameday isn't much better -- it IS related to the Sharks/Red Wings match up, but no real analysis for you guys. Just this link (I can't embed the video); it is by far the greatest moment in Sharks/Red Wings history, and quite possibly the greatest incident to ever involve a team mascot.

If Wild Wing burned for more than a few seconds, that MIGHT have topped this moment. But alas, this is the one championship Sharks fans can claim that Ducks fans don't have.

The Red Wing I'd like on my team: Can I repeat my pick from the last Sharks/Wings Gameday? I'd still pick Holmstrom, though mostly for having him work with Ryane Clowe in practice about getting his butt effectively in the crease so he can earn that fat contract.

Prediction: Sharks 3, Wings 2. Goals by non-Olympians -- Malhotra, Clowe, and Blake.