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Sharks Gameday: Another Fact

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Detroit Red Wings (26-19-10) at San Jose Sharks (36-10-9), 7:30 PM PST

Patrick Marleau was going to help me with my Gameday post for tonight's Red Wings game but he started typing with just his right forefinger. When I got frustrated, he offered a nervous giggle and started playing with the height adjustment on his chair. Instead of finishing our Gameday post, I left.

(In other words, work has been crazy today. Sorry about the short post, but feel free to leave more Patrick Marleau Facts in the comments.)

The Red Wing I'd like on my team: As much as Tomas Holmstrom bugs the crap out of me, I desperately want Ryane Clowe to play like him. So I'd take Holmstrom, extract some DNA samples, then infuse them into Clowe.

Predictions: Sharks 3, Wings 2. Goals by Pavelski and Marleau (two, one awkward and one not so awkward).