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BoC Gameday -- SoCal Collision Course

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Anaheim Ducks (27-23-7, t-10th in west) at Los Angeles Kings (34-19-3, 5th in west), 7:30 pm
Anaheim Calling and Jewels From The Crown -- damn separatists.

(Author's note -- I'm putting the "Remembering Jiggy" theme aside for a day, but definitely more to come.  It would have been relevant had the Ducks and Kings ever shared any playoff history, but unfortunately we know how that goes: there can be only one!)

Shockingly big game tonight.  Kings have won seven games in a row and 12 of their past 16.  Ducks have won three in a row and 11 of their past 15.  I can't remember a time when these two teams played a game with that kind of mutual momentum going into it.

Guest cartoon by Spade -- this one's epic.

Of course, the Ducks are still a league-worst 3-11-2 within their own division (0-7-0 within the BoC) and an impressive 24-12-5 against non-Pacific foes.  It's not a stretch to think that with only 25 games remaining on the Anaheim schedule, the four remaining against the Kings (including tonight) really could make or break Anaheim's attempt to climb into the playoff picture.  And I'm fairly certain that the Kings relish any opportunity to stomp that hope out. 

Critter Battle of the Night: Jason Blake vs. Anze Kopitar.

Prediction: Of course epic BoC games only can happen on Thursday nights, so I won't be around tonight until the latter half of the third  -- play nice in the game comments.  Oh, and as for a prediction?  I'll take the safe route -- Spade and his brother get hammered.

Go Ducks.