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Kings Gameday: I'm Helpless to Resist

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I hate stupid promotional shit that advertisers try to sneak in to get you to buy their product.  I hate those little commercials they do during Community with Ken Jeong and the little gay dean to trick you into thinking the show has started again and then they try to get you to buy Norton Antivirus or some shit.  I hated during Ultimate Fighter when they showed 10-second clips of the show to get you to stop fast-forwarding through the commercials.  And I hate that new Best Buy commercial with the black guy who sounds exactly like Vince Vaughn so I keep looking up to see what new movie Vaughn is in.


If you take my "mane" man Bailey and show him "lion" around in a speedo while eating Carl's Jr., I'm going to love it.  I can't help myself.  I had to "paws" the video, I was laughing so hard.  You might even say it's like catnip to me.  *Shotgun blast to the head

(I wonder if the guy who plays Bailey lies about his job when he talks to women.  It's funny, he's playing a lion but he has no pride.)


I'm really nervous about tonight's game.  The Ducks are a really good team with a lot of forward and defensive depth and I'm sure they're going to give the Kings trouble.  I'm especially nervous about their top line, since all three of their top forwards are smart and good and in no way douche bags.  It should be a tough game tonight.

(Wouldn't it be weird if any of the above were true?  I know, right?)


Did anyone else watch the Ducks game last night?  There was a point where Getzlaf got the puck in the slot with the goalie down and then instead of shooting he tried a backhand pass through traffic to Corey Perry.  I'm convinced Ryan Getzlaf is the dumbest hockey player in the NHL.

Prediction: Spade and his brother get hammered.