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BoC Gameday -- Sleek's Stupid Request Policy

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Los Angeles Kings (36-19-3, t-3rd in west) at Anaheim Ducks (27-24-7, 12th in west), 7 pm
Jewels From The Crown or Anaheim Calling for the mono-team angle.

Today's game image is a little pun-strained, but I think it turned out OK:

Put on your 3-D glasses for the full effect.

Anze Kopitar did have a monster game last Thursday against the Ducks, but the King that's really been killing Anaheim this season?  Jack M.F. Johnson.  In three games so far this year against Anaheim, JMFJ has 1 goal and 7 assists; to put that in perspective, Anaheim as a team has only scored 7 goals total in those games.  Plus it's half as many points as Johnson has in 53 games against non-Duck-opponents this season.

And yeah, the inability for the Ducks to win within the BoC is really getting tiresome.  Five matchups against the Sharks and three matchups against the Kings this season have yielded zero wins, eight regulation losses, and most of the time it's been quite decisive. Three times the Ducks did have third-period ties; three times they blew that before regulation ended.  In 480 total intrastate minutes, the Ducks have led twice (never by more than a goal) for a total of 20:02, they have been tied for a total of 142:57, and have trailed for 317:01.  Here's the breakdown:

Ducks vs. the Kings and Sharks this season
8 games total -- 480 minutes

Scoreboard Situation Time Spent Pct. Time Spent
Ducks lead by one 20:02 4.2%
Game is tied 142:57 29.8%
Ducks trail by one 156:00 32.5%
Ducks trail by two 54:32 11.4%
Ducks trail by three 48:43 10.1%
Ducks trail by four 52:05 10.9%
Ducks trail by five 5:41 1.2%
Ducks lead 20:02 4.2%
Game is tied 142:57 29.8%
Ducks trail 317:01 66.0%

Nut, Feb. 4th:

Time for a county rape cartoon?

Brokenyard, next comment:

This Ducks fan says definately.

Earl Sleek, Jan. 27th:

FYI, I'm a pushover when it comes to commenter requests, especially ones that are seconded.


Oct. 3 - San Jose 4, @Anaheim 1
Nov. 21 - San Jose 3, @Anaheim 2
Dec. 1 - Los Angeles 4, @Anaheim 3
Dec. 17 - @San Jose 4, Anaheim 1
Dec. 26 - @San Jose 5, Anaheim 2
Jan. 14 - @Los Angeles 4, Anaheim 0
Jan. 21 - @San Jose 3, Anaheim 1
Feb. 4 - @Los Angeles 6, Anaheim 4

Kings and Sharks 33, Ducks 14


Prediction: Tonight's game is pretty much the same stakes as last time, except I will be around for game comments.  Ducks find a new and creative way to lose. 

Go Ducks.