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Ducks Gameday -- Row B Blogger Bash

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Nashville Predators (whatever) at Anaheim Ducks (whatever), 7 pm
On the Forecheck and Anaheim Calling for regional excellence.

One of the reasons why Olympic hockey was so fun was that for the most part, I wasn't highly stressed about any individual game result.  Especially during the round robin stages, I could stop worrying about end-of-game results and could enjoy the process of getting there a bit more -- excellent hockey players playing extracurricular hockey, all in the spirit of pride.

Rowb_mediumTonight, I plan on having the same stress-free mindset for the Ducks, although we'll see if I end up calling them "excellent hockey players" by the end of the night.  But it is different from Ducks games earlier in the season -- I don't particularly need to see a win tonight, not like I did a week ago.  Tonight's just an alcohol-enhanced opportunity to watch some up-close hockey with the season already decided along with some blog buddies -- should be great!

Barring any win-out miracle, tonight will be my last Row B game of the season, and that's probably fine -- it's nice to attend one meaningless game there, but I'm glad it's not two.  To celebrate, we're having a bit of a BoC get-together.  Famed blog-inciter Rudy Kelly (who assures me he hates the Predators) and our notorious comment-savant Spade-in-Victorhell will be joining me, plus another Ducks pal of mine who barely ever visits BoC -- should be slightly outrageous.

We'll be aggregating pre-game at Danny K's pool bar and walking over from there -- if anyone's interested in meeting up, I'll be in my customary lucky green shirt, and will probably get there around 5:30 or so.  I'll warn you -- don't count on me being particularly charming, lucid, or civil unless I'm being specifically being measured against Spade (first shot is on me, man -- thanks again, Kipper).

I'll just open it up to the comments -- see some of you tonight!

Prediction: Teemu scores career goal #599; will he stop there?  Also, one combination of Earl, Spade, and Rudy starts what will turn into an epic comment-feud that should carry this blog through the slow part of the summer (which for me, sadly, started last week).

Go Ducks.