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Quisp's 2011-12 Los Angeles Kings

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The other day fellow blogger Quisp had an excellent question: with all the different projects and prospects in the Kings' system, how can the Kings possibly get them all into the NHL in the next few years?  We both decided to write down our best guesses without looking at the other person's line-up and then compare them.  You can see my correct prediction over at Jewels From the Crown while Quisp's horribly inaccurate line-up is below. A few things to note about Quisp's line-up:

-He has Andrei Loktionov above Brayden Schenn and both of them above Jarret Stoll.

-He has Kyle Clifford making the team.

-Jordan Nolan?  Jake Muzzin?

I asked Quisp a few questions about his line-up and he'll answer them in the comments soon.  What do you guys think?  Which prospects will make the team and which ones will be left behind?


Ryan Smyth/Anze Kopitar/Wayne Simmonds
Alexander Frolov/Andrei Loktionov/Oscar Moller
Kyle Clifford/Brayden Schenn/Dustin Brown
Richard Clune/Jarret Stoll/Brad Richardson
(Jordan Nolan)

Rob Scuderi/Drew Doughty
Jack Johnson/Jake Muzzin
Vyacheslav Voynov/Matt Greene
(Thomas Hickey)

Jonathan Bernier
Jonathan Quick

Questions for Quisp:


1.  Looking at your line-up, it seems like you're pretty bullish on Andrei Loktionov and Jake Muzzin.  What is it about these guys that tickles your fancy?

2.  Where do you see Wayne Simmonds being in 2 years?  Is he on the top line because he doesn't need the puck or do you see him being more talented than Oscar Moller or Dustin Brown?

3.  Clifford-Schenn-Brown.  I don't have a question, that's just a really cool line.

4.  Jordan Nolan is going to someday make the team?  Seriously?

5.  How good do you see this team being in the 11-12 season?