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Ducks Gameday -- Happy Irish Day

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Chicago Blackhawks (whatever) at Anaheim Ducks (whatever), 7 pm
Second City Hockey and Anaheim Calling for more informed views.

Well, this is going to be an awfully uninformed gameday post.  The good news is that after a solid week of steady dedication, I'm now fully caught up on "Lost" -- now I've seen them all.  The bad news is that in that time I've completely ignored NHL hockey and this blog -- I really haven't even investigated what's been going on outside of the games I went to on Friday (yuck) and on Sunday (yay).

But it's time I took some Dharma Initiative and put together something to comment on tonight:

I'll drink to that.

Happy drinking tonight!  I'll get back up to blogging speed on Friday.

Prediction: I'm supposed to play Spade some NHL09 before tonight's game, where I figure he'll finally score past my diving-man defense.  Ducks then lose early so we can rematch.

Go Ducks.