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Ducks Gameday -- Must... Write... Tribute... Poem!

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Colorado Avalanche (whatever) at Anaheim Ducks (whatever), 5 pm
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In honor of Teemu Selanne's upcoming 600th career goal, I've decided to write a tribute poem for Anaheim's favorite Finn, in the spelling spirit of old poems to former Ducks Francois Beauchemin, Samuel Pahlsson, Dustin Penner, or Todd Bertuzzi.  This was a bit hurried, but at least I think it's spelled correctly:



T he brink of six hundred for the ol’ Finnish Flash,
E ven with hand, jaw, and shoulder all smashed.
E leven seasons now Teemu has thrilled Anaheim,
M aking the most of his power play time.
U pon his arrival I became a Ducks fan,
S educed by his speed and his smooth set of hands,
E ven post-lockout, purportedly "washed up",
L eft doubters in silence when he lifted the Cup.
A merican pride is now even below me,
N ay! Thanks to Teemu, I’m chanting "Suomi!"
N ow here’s my main message in this tribute in text:
E njoy your last season, Teemu, whether this year or next.


"Teemu can't be bargained with.  Teemu can't be reasoned with.  Teemu doesn't feel pity,
or remorse, or fear.  And Teemu absolutely will not stop, ever, until he scores 600."

Go get 'em, Teemu -- and seriously, there's nothing I'm watching that says that I wouldn't welcome you back again next season.

Prediction: #600 gets followed by a long ovation.

Go Ducks.