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Kings Gameday: A Poem of My Own

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Finnish people suck

But You and Jari are cool

Congrats to Teemu



I was watching Seinfeld the other day and there was a scene taking place in George's apartment.  (He was trying to delay his wedding to Susan, it was hilarious.)  Anyway, while they were fighting or whatever I noticed something strange in George's room.  There was a Yankees poster that said, "Pride" on one side and "Power" on the other.  I thought for a second because it sounded familiar and then I muttered, "Goddammit Dean."  We're not the fucking Yankees, you East Coast son of a bitch.


The Kings have the best 4th line in hockey tonight: Frolov-Halpern-WIlliams.  I've given up on Terry Murray; he's a good coach and he has a good system, but he's also a lunatic and he will always hate Alexander Frolov for weird reasons.  I assume this is a lesson he's trying to instill before the playoffs to make sure Fro is on top of his game, but it seems weird to single out Frolov  when he's been our best forward since the Olympic break and our other left wingers have all been terrible.  Oh well, Fro will probably pot 2 goals tonight and go back to where he's supposed to be for a few games before he sneezes and gets benched again.  Sigh.

Prediction: Kings win, 4-3.  Goals by Fro, Kopitar, Simmonds and Doughty.   Craig Anderson finally turns into a pumpkin.