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Ducks Gameday -- All bad seasons must come to an end.

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Edmonton Oilers (whatever) at Anaheim Ducks (whatever), 5 pm (last game of the 2009-10 reg. season)
Anaheim Calling and Copper & Blue -- if this game goes to overtime, I'm counting it as "postseason".

Last game of the season, and guess who's incredibly ill-prepared to write a gameday post?  You and me both.

Did get a quick cartoon drawn, though.

Now today is probably the day when I should write a 'just-in-case' farewell to some combination of Scott Niedermayer, Teemu Selanne, and Saku Koivu.  They all could be playing in their final games in Anaheim sweaters tonight, and for Scott & Teemu, perhaps even in NHL sweaters.  But I'm already way too late and these possible farewells are better left for the long summertime anyways.  There's no way I'm doing it justice today.

Still, I did decide to take a look back over some Scott, Teemu, and Saku-themed images from over the years at BoC, particularly ones that deal with retirement.  We'll see whether any of them get to be re-recycled for use this coming summer.

Ah, memories...

May 2006 -- Up too late after a G2 loss

June 2007 -- Retirement Threat #1: how do you replace Scott Niedermayer?

August 2007 -- Do stupid uniforms make Cents?

September 2007 -- Scott, you lazy genius!

December 2007 -- Welcome Back Scotter!

January 2008 -- Finnish Flashback

Scottyincredible_medium Flash1_medium
April 2008 -- Mr. Incredible! / November 2008 -- When the ketchup starts flowing...

December 2008 -- Ducks Gameday -- The Three Patos!

August 2009 -- Season Review: The Finnished Flash (and Koivu, too!)

September 2009 -- Season Review: Captain Experience

March 2010 -- Ducks Gameday -- Must... Write... Tribute... Poem!

Prediction: Tears, applause, ovations -- it's going to be emotional.  I'll be a mess in game comments; stop on by.

Go Ducks.