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Ducks Gameday -- Good Friday to you, too.

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Vancouver Canucks (whatever) at Anaheim Ducks (whatever), 7 pm
Nucks Misconduct and Anaheim Calling --Brian Burke would be so proud.

Not exactly sure what the messed-up backstory is with this cartoon -- I sort of put it together by instinct -- but I do like the result:

Oops.  He-Man is going to be pissed.

I'm not really sure what my plans are tonight -- I do have siblings in town for Easter weekend, and I'm guessing I probably won't be free at gametime, but we shall see.

In the meantime, who can provide a better case against retirement than Teemu Selanne himself?  Over the past three game win streak, Selanne has a Jari-Kurri-tying 601st goal plus four assists.  He has the primary assist on all three of Anaheim's power play goals over the stretch, and his even-strength line with Saku Koivu and Jason Blake has been money (especially for J-Blake's franchise-record-tying 5-point night on Wednesday, which even featured a J-Blake flubbed breakaway)

At 5-on-5 the past three games (thanks again, Vic), Teemu has been on the ice for 5 GF, 0 GA, and has been outshooting opponents 37-16.  Saku has also been on the ice for 5 GF, 0 GA, and has been outshooting opponents 39-15.  And the rat has been on the ice for 4 GF, 0 GA (he was able to execute his line change before Eminger's goal, unlike the lazy Finns), and has been outshooting opponents 19-9. 

For sure it's a carefully-selected sample of games against some questionable end-of-season opponents -- the two games before that the Ducks were awful, though Teemu did get another assist -- but these are the games that Teemu may be looking at before making next summer's retirement decision, and the games that Saku may be looking at before making next summer's UFA decision.  If they end the season dominant, who knows?  I'm certainly in no rush to hurry that number up to the rafters.

Prediction: McElNiño (Arthur's coined nickname for a lineup featuring Nick Bonino and Curtis McElhinney) is now 3-0 without the services of Ryan Getzlaf or Jonas Hiller.  They won their first game by 1 goal, their second game against a better team by 2 goals, and their third game against an even better team by 3 goals.  So obviously, the Ducks lose today -- Canucks game-winner by a vengeful He-Man.

Go Ducks.