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Drew Doughty was nominated for the Norris today!  My favorite Canadian was nominated along with Mike Green and Duncan Keith, making it a young man's award.  I wonder when the last time a defenseman in his 20's won the award?  The writers at BoC had 1 vote in the SBNation Awards and Duncan Keith was our unanimous choice, both because the Blackhawks were the best team in the league at limiting shots and because of the way Keith controls a game, but at an emotional level I still really want Doughty to win.  At the very least, this sets the stage for Doughty to win in the future.  Congratulations, Drew.


The Kings gave me Playoff AIDS.

The stress, the lack of sleep because I'm thinking about match ups and lines, the nervous drinking, all of it has weakened my immune system to such a state that now I have some sort of supervirus.  Basically, the playoffs are slowly killing me.  I've said before that I don't care if the Kings win and it's true; this season has been great and the Kings would be winners if they didn't win a single playoff game.  That doesn't mean I don't get nervous and excited for individual games, though.  Intellectually I am fine with the KIngs losing, but at the emotional level I always want them to win.  I want them to win logo and mascot contests. I want them to win the Lady Byng.*  I want them to win tonight.  Hopefully they will, although I'm not very confident.  Win or lose, I'm probably going to get the Hantavirus.


Datsyuk- .66
H. Sedin- .89
Kopitar- .54
St. Louis- .40
Richards- .50

St. Louis doesn't count because refs feel too sorry for his disgusting dwarf ass to actually call a penalty on him.  Richards once probably killed a woman once so that takes him out of the running.  It should have been Kopitar!!!


"I will tell His Majesty what a king is. A king does not abide within his tent while his men bleed and die upon the field. A king does not dine while his men go hungry, nor sleep when they stand at watch upon the wall. A king does not command his men's loyalty through fear nor purchase it with gold; he earns their love by the sweat of his own back and the pains he endures for their sake. That which comprises the harshest burden, a king lifts first and sets down last. A king does not require service of those he leads but provides it to them. He serves them, not they him."

-Steven Pressfield, Gates of Fire

Prediction: Kings win, 4-3.  Goals by Richardson, Doughty (x2), and Williams.