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Kings Gameday: Best Season Ever

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Am I disappointed with the way they've played this series?  Sure!

Do I wish the Kings had called up Jonathan Bernier?  Nah.

Do I wish Randy Jones were shot into the Sun?  Sure!

Is Randy Jones the reason the Kings have lost any one game?  Nah.

Is Terry Murray just an average in-game coach?  Sure!

Does he deserve anything but adulation for his overall performance this season?  Nah.

Has this been the best season since 1992-93?  Sure!

Do I have any regrets spending countless hours writing about a hockey team on the internet?  Kinda.

Do I want the Kings to win tonight?  Sure!

Will I be devastated if they lose?  Nah.

Am I proud of this team?  Sure!

Would I change anything about this season?  Nah.


Just play your best, boys.  Trust your teammates, trust the system, don't both with the after the whistle stuff.  It's not about winning and losing, it's about looking yourself in the mirror and asking yourself if you did everything you could from August to April to be ready for this moment.  If you can say yes to that question then you're alright with me.

Go Kings.