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Sharks Waitday: We Must Have Blood

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The Sharks are riding high off three straight wins and I wish like hell they were playing again today. The way the team has been playing has been outstanding for really the past five games, and I want to see them get back out there as soon as possible and keep up the intensity. These break days will hopefully give guys like Dany Heatley and Patrick Marleau a chance to rest and heal, but the down-time is driving me crazy. I can't wait for the second round to start!

So who wants some? Huh? Who wants to take on the Sharks?

How about it, Nashville Predators? You think you're tough, with your hard-working and gritty style of play giving Chicago hell? You come here to San Jose and try that shit, we'll show you how it's done. We've just come out of a series where we outworked the other team so bad we were scoring goals onto our own net just to make ourselves work harder.

Or how 'bout you, Phoenix Coyotes? You're just so damn proud of your feel-good story, your awesomely crazy/crazily awesome goalie, and your "throw the snake" thing? Well the Sharks know all about feel-good stories ending in soul-crushing defeat, and it's about time we were on the winning side of that plot.

Maybe you, Detroit Red Wings? Everybody was scared of you before the playoffs started, but who's scared now? You're going into a game seven against the Coyotes, and you definitely aren't looking too impressive so far in the series. You think you can squeak by the second-best team in the Pacific and then take on the big boys? Huh? Try it - I dare you.

Seriously though, I have a lot of respect for Nashville and Phoenix for showing what they can do in the playoffs. Either one of those teams would make for a challenging series for the Sharks, and San Jose would really have to earn each victory. Detroit is an organization with an unbelievable track-record of success, and a victory over them would be a huge statement for this often-maligned Sharks team.

Joe Pavelski Update - the People have spoken, and "The Big Pavelski" is the run-away favorite nickname. Unfortunately for all of you, I voted for "The Dude," so I'm just going to use that. I believe in "One man, One vote" - I'm the man, so I get the vote.

Okay okay, just kidding. Unlike Rudy I am not a filthy monarchist, so I shall honor your will, and I will use "The Big Pavelski" until everyone gets sick of it and begs me to stop.

I'm so tired of waiting! Come on, second round!

EDIT: Oh, and just give the god-damn MasterTON* to Ortmeyer, okay? The dude has to inject himself with blood thinners at specific times every day, knowing that if he does it too close to a game or practice then a high-stick could make him bleed to death, but if he doesn't do it often enough he risks life-threatening blood clots. COME ON.


* = Thanks Earl!