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Sharks Postgame: A Little Disgruntled

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Final - 5.18.2010 1 2 3 Total
Chicago Blackhawks 1 2 1 4
San Jose Sharks 0 1 1 2

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Sharks just aren't getting it done offensively, against a goalie that has been good, but not great, against the Hawks' previous opponents.

Travel and an extra day off is just what the Sharks need right now. They can watch some video, regroup, and win both in Chicago.

The Sharks have proven they are mentally tough this year, so let's all be positive and let them show what they can do. They lost two games against the Avalanche too, after all.

And life could be worse: we could be Montreal, right?

Oh, and Jacob is a manipulative bitch and I'm totally supporting the Smoke Monster.