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Blackhawk Fever hits the Art Institute of Chicago

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An unexpected post from the road today -- I'm hijacking my dad's laptop while we're visiting Chicago.  Today my mom dragged me to the Art Institute of Chicago -- despite the fact that I enjoy cartooning, I sort of hate art.  But we were both surprised to see that there was a new addition to the two lion statues in front of the museum -- they'd been hit by a hard case of Cup Finals Fever:

Take that, Bailey.

And while we were getting closer, we saw some TV cameras pointed at a guy I strongly suspect is Bobby Hull, though I did a shitty job on fact-checking that assumption.  I guess that's what you get when you skip the entirety of journalism school.

Serious question: That is Bobby Hull, right?

This was of course awesome to see, and it does beg the question: what monument would have been decorated in San Jose had Games 1, 2, 3, and 4 gone differently last round?  And who would have shown up to explain it to local reporters?

Two more photos I took, but I have to rush -- my dad wants his laptop back.



My mom will disagree, but this was way better than anything I saw inside the museum itself.  Suck it, Matisse.

Go hockey priorities.