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Select Quotes From Abel 2 Yzerman

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How the hell does Vlasic walk down the street, much less skate in NHL games with balance like that?

Bert is obviously a mindless murderous sonofabitch and needs to be locked away or, he’ll make you fall on him.


you have to be shitting me, this is absolutely fuching insane. Iv lost any shred of faith Iv had in the NHL


I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but the NHL wants the Sharks to win this game. There is no reasonable answer to this officiating.

The San Jose Dives…

That wasn’t a weak call against Heatley. That was a consistent call against Heatley. How many times have Wing players mistakenly hit Nabokov and been called? Heatley blatantly runs into Howard, and Jimmah had to ask for the damn penalty.

Weak call? Fuch you. Now, Wings, you gotta score.

Fuch a cheesedick POS like Pavelski...that mark needs an asterisk for all the help he got from the refs.

Someone ask Todd how much cock you have to suck to get a five on three in this series.  Motherfuckingchrist, I hate this league.  Too bad the Wings are in it.

Agree Twig. Even PPs and at WORST this game is a 5-3 Wings victory.

Hab’s beat Rosby and his penguins today.
Rosby and Gary are upset
Gary calls refs for Sharks/Wings game
We see some of the worst officiating ever
Wings lose.

Right now this is my theory, and I don’t care if it is farfetched or over dramatic or any that shit.

Sharks’ fans are the lowest common denom.... One tried to start a fight with me (gave me a big shoulder bump) WHILE I WAS CARRYING MY 19 MONTH OLD SON.  Fuching as classless as the refs were.

Helm got knocked the fuch out in the first with a stick to the chin by the bench. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he played that whole game dizzy. He’s a champion and a future franchise player. I can forgive him not playing 100% when he looked totally rubberlegs in the first.

Things that would be tremendous: (1) if Dany Heatley drove Pavelski home tonight.


we got destroyed in the faceoffs and we were doing the chasing… that 5 on 3 was the game changer though… my spirit is broken… no more witty one liners, no more colorful jabs at the officiating, not even lindsay soto’s beautiful boo… eyes can save me now… im gonna go find a job work there for 30+ years and die…

That one's actually kind of sad.

For balance:

Come on guys, there were some bad calls bu that’s no excuse. and there were plenty of good calls. That last three were all legit. Clearly’s slashing that broke the stick, Flip’s trip and the too many men were all legitimate penalties in the third period of a playoff game when the wings could least afford it. Flame away, but these guys are making too many mental errors


As an outsider, I can't tell you how much I appreciate watching Red Wings' fans complain about penalties, dives and picks from another team.  Awesome.