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Sharks Gameday: Crisitunity

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(I'll be busy for most of Saturday fighting crime/folding socks, so this is going up a little bit early. Enjoy!)

San Jose Sharks 2009-2010 Season Performance after Losing by More Than Two Goals

10/1/09 - Lose to Colorado 5-2. Next game beat Anaheim 4-1.

10/15/09 - Lose to Washington 4-1. Next game beat New York Islanders 4-1, two-game win streak.

10/22/09 - Lose to Tampa Bay 5-2. Next game beat Atlanta 4-3, six-game win streak.

11/25/09 - Lose to Chicago 7-2. Next game beat Edmonton 5-4, three-game win streak.

1/4/10 - Lose to Los Angeles 6-2. Next game beat St. Louis 2-1.

1/9/10 - Lose to Detroit 4-1. Next game beat Los Angeles 2-1, two-game win streak.

3/16/10 - Lose to Dallas 8-2 in the middle of a 5-game losing streak. :-(

3/31/10 - Lose to Dallas 5-1. Next game beat Minnesota 3-2.

If the Sharks were mentally fragile, they wouldn't be here. They wouldn't have come from behind to win Game 3 in Detroit, they wouldn't have tied the game fives times before winning in overtime in Game 2 against Colorado, and they certainly wouldn't have won six straight playoff games after Dan Boyle's own-goal. This is a team that can overcome problems and quickly put bad games behind them.

Trying to analyze Game 4 would be a pointless exercise. It'd be like a coroner asked to determine cause of death after a guy jumped off the Empire State Building. The Sharks got blown away by a hungry and desperate Detroit team, and there is no excuse.

Tonight the Sharks go into San Jose, into the TOUGHEST ARENA IN THE LEAGUE FOR ROAD TEAMS, to prove all the doubters wrong. They are fully capable of winning and are in control of their own destiny. If they stick to what has worked for them all season, they will come out ahead. It won't be easy, but it can be done.

Prediction: Sharks win 4-2, with goals by Heatley, Thornton, Nichol, and Pavelski.


Next Game

Detroit Red Wings
@ San Jose Sharks

Saturday, May 8, 2010, 7:00 PM PDT
HP Pavilion

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