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Guest Sharks Postgame: Bye Bye Red Wings.

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Our brave Sharks blogger Megalodon is moving today, so he asked Rudy to cover tonight's postgame post.  Rudy quickly found something better to do, so he in turn asked me.  Ha ha, suckers.  It's Plan C.

Goals scored in the five-game series: Detroit 17, San Jose 15.

Even-strength goals scored in the five-game series: Detroit 13, San Jose 9.

5-on-4 goals scored in the five-game series: Detroit 4, San Jose 3.

And yet, the Sharks move on.  This represents the fewest wins that Detroit has picked up in a playoff series since 2003, the fewest wins that Mike Babcock has picked up in any playoff series he's coached in, and now BoC has taken 4 of the last 6 meetings with the meddling octopus.  Huzzah!


Congrats, Sharks and Sharks fans -- I do love the taste of Red Wing tears. 

Go WCF drama.

[Late addition: This is not the best-designed or most justified State Rape ever, but I'm posting it anyway.  I had to get a bit creative with Michigan's split-state geography.]

Link to the original State Rape, back in Anaheim's cup year.  Maybe it's good luck?