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A Scientific Survey

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We all know our favorite teams, and most of us can probably come up with the team we hate the most, but what about after that? What other teams get the most love or most disdain from Battle of California readers? Let's find out.

In the comments, please let us know who your top 3 or 5 favorite NHL teams are, then let us know the 3 or 5 teams you dislike the most. I'll take a look at the list once we have a good number of responses and then we'll see what we've got.

Feel free to include commentary or explanation of your own likes or make fun of others for the teams they enjoy. I, for example, like the Sharks and the Capitals, two teams who are awesome in the regular season and can't get it done in the playoffs. What an idiot I am!

My five most liked:

1. Sharks (Wooo!)
2. Capitals (So much fun to watch.)
3. Kings (Scrappy and fun, and not really rivals for Pacific power just yet. I'll hate them once they are.)
4. Sabres (More of the Hasek-era Sabres then currently, but they're still cool.)
5. Thrashers (For no good reason.)

My five most hated:

1. Stars (I hate them so much.)
2. Ducks (Yeah.)
3. Avalanche (More the old, good version then the new, crappy one.)
4. Flyers (Mostly just Pronger, but he inspires enough hate for a whole team.)
5. Predators (Those bitches.)