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Spade's guest cartoon post: BoC and AC visit the Entry Draft

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[Sleek: This post is entirely done all by our pal Spade-in-Victorhell, in multipanel awesomeness.   Here's a link to Anaheim Calling, for reference, and here's Spade's intro, short and to-the-point:]

I wont be able to make the draft unfortunately but I have an idea of how it will go…so heres my idea of how it will go..

Battle of California and Anaheim Calling visit the Entry Draft
by Spade-in-Victorhell

Spadedraft1_medium     Spadedraft2_medium

Spadedraft3_medium     Spadedraft4_medium

Spadedraft5_medium     Spadedraft6_medium

Spadedraft7_medium     Spadedraft7b_medium

Spadedraft8_medium     Spadedraft9_medium

Spadedraft10_medium     Spadedraft11_medium



p.s. sorry for no color or the crappy drawing..Im at work..I did what I could

p.s.s. sorry jen I haven’t met you yet so my drawing of you sucks…

[Go Ducks.]