Baseball Down South

I love baseball. Some months I love it more than hockey. And I have been blessed/cursed to be a Giants fan my whole life. Amazingly, despite having been to almost 2/3 of the baseball parks, I have never seen a game at Dodgers stadium. But really, I have no reason to ever go there unless the Giants are playing. Which they are in mid-July. And I decided to make a mini-baseball trip of it and am dragging Gray along. The plan is as follows:

Saturday July 17th Arizona at San Diego

Sunday July 18th Seattle at Anaheim

Monday July 19th San Francisco at LA

If anyone has advice on things not to miss at these parks, I'd love to hear it (I've been to San Diego and Anaheim, but it's been a while) Also if anyone is interested in going to these games, I haven't bought tickets and could be talked into getting a few more.

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