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The BoC Race to Twelve

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Kudos to commenter brokenyard for bringing this up a few days ago:

Here’s an interesting fact that I’m pretty sure is correct:

All 3 BoC teams currently have 11 playoff-series victories each.

Well, what do you know?  It's a dead heat!  Here's the listing of successful playoff series each BoC team has emerged victorious in over each franchise's lifespan:

Anaheim Ducks Los Angeles Kings San Jose Sharks
Win No. Year Opponent
Series Year Opponent Series Year Opponent Series
1 1997 Phoenix Coyotes 4-3 1969 Oakland Seals 4-3 1994 Detroit Red Wings 4-3
2 2003 Detroit Red Wings 4-0 1976 Calgary Flames 2-0 1995 Calgary Flames 4-3
3 2003 Dallas Stars 4-2 1977 Calgary Flames 2-1 2000 St. Louis Blues 4-3
4 2003 Minnesota Wild 4-0 1982 Edmonton Oilers 3-2 2002 Phoenix Coyotes 4-1
5 2006 Calgary Flames 4-3 1989 Edmonton Oilers 4-3 2004 St. Louis Blues 4-1
6 2006 Colorado Avalanche 4-0 1990 Calgary Flames 4-2 2004 Colorado Avalanche 4-2
7 2007 Minnesota Wild 4-1 1991 Vancouver Canucks 4-2 2006 Nashville Predators 4-1
8 2007 Vancouver Canucks 4-1 1993 Calgary Flames 4-2 2007 Nashville Predators 4-1
9 2007 Detroit Red Wings 4-2 1993 Vancouver Canucks 4-2 2008 Calgary Flames 4-3
10 2007 Ottawa Senators 4-1 1993 Toronto Maple Leafs 4-3 2010 Colorado Avalanche
11 2009 San Jose Sharks 4-2 2001 Detroit Red Wings 4-2 2010 Detroit Red Wings 4-1

The table represents 33 seasons ended by a BoC team.   Calgary has been eliminated by a BoC
opponent 7 times, Detroit 5 times, and both Vancouver and Colorado make the list 3 times apiece.

Now several of you Ducks and Sharks fans will be quick to note that the Kings had a 10 series-victory lead before either other franchise entered the picture, and for sure, there is that "Two Tortoises and the Hare" aspect to this storyline.  But we mustn't raise too big a stink about that catch-up, even if it does make for an easy punchline -- it's largely because of L.A.'s popularity-driving success (particularly in the early 1990s) that either other franchise ever made it on the hockey map.

And besides, who gives a damn really how we got to this point?  We're a forward-thinking blog.  For whatever reasons, we're all tied up in this arbitrary measure of franchise success now, and that's exciting.

Props to Mario Kart.

Now certainly, there is still a full summer and season ahead of us before we start ramping up for somebody's series victory #12.  It seems somewhat assured that one BoC team will get there, though; a BoC team has advanced past round one every season since 2000.

So join me in predicting: which BoC team(s) will win the Race to Twelve?  And I guess if we're talking about the possibility of bringing the 2011 Stanley Cup back to Californian soil, then maybe we should be talking about the Race to Fifteen.

It's on, bitches.

Go Ducks.