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So, there's this draft tomorrow...

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Hey, everybody!  Still struggling along on Mr. MacBook -- thanks for the tips so far; they'll be coming in handy soon.  Speaking of struggles, here's the loose chain of events that may or may not see me credentialed for tomorrow's 2010 NHL entry draft at Staples Center:

April 5: SB Nation sends out an e-mail asking to collect names of all bloggers interested in entry draft credentials.

April 6: I send this reply to the e-mail thread, with the hopes I'd be thrown on the list:

I'm in SoCal already.  I'd take a credential, but I'll probably defer to those actually traveling -- I really can't promise much true reporting.  I would be interested in some sort of SBN meet-up, though, if that exists.

I'm not a natural draft-head anyways, though the Ducks do have two first-rounders.

Sometime after April 6: SBN leaves Sleek off the submitted list, tells nobody.  Rudy, who specifically requested to be put one slot ahead of Sleek, makes the list.

May 21: After not hearing anything for weeks, yay or nay, I shoot an e-mail to some SBN NHL heads asking what's going on.  They apologize for not realizing I wanted to go (I guess my e-mail was slightly cryptic) and get me to fill out an NHL credential request pre-filled with the name "Earl Sleek".

June 21, this past Monday: After not hearing anything for another month, I e-mail again to make sure, and am assured that Earl Sleek is on a list somewhere.  

So it seems quite possible that I will be among the credentialed folk tomorrow for the entry draft, though I'll probably have trouble when I show up tomorrow with no form of identification with the name "Earl Sleek" on it.  If, however, things somehow work out for the ol' Sleekster, expect to see this lucky green shirt wandering lost around Staples Center somewhere.  Feel free to say hi and direct me to wherever I'm supposed to be.

Won in an internet bet during the cup season. :)

Now I should be clear -- I'm not a fan of entry drafts.  They are important for franchises for sure, and there is excitement for kids being drafted, but my fandom is largely controlled by my television -- it's impossible for me to be fans of these kids until they hit NHL ice.  For now, they're just names in a hat to me -- hopefully the Ducks are doing their homework on their picks, but I don't care just yet.

Combine that draft-apathy with the uncertainty I've had on whether I'm even attending the event and I'll be one ill-prepared blogger tomorrow.  I don't know anything about players who the Ducks might be drafting, I'll have a computer I barely know how to operate, and there's a really strong chance that I can't post anything tomorrow at all -- we shall see.  But still, it's an event that should have some bloggers in attendance I've never met -- that should be cool.  And it's not impossible that I end up reporting something useful from the experience.

Woo hoo!  Draft day uncertainty!

The event goes on Saturday as well, but whether I attend that depends entirely on what happens tomorrow.  Let's hope it's awesome.

Go Draft.